Lifting Services

Lifting Services

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We are providing Lifting Services in Chennai for all types of buildings such as homes, 2 storey structures, temples, hotels, villa etc. These services are needed when one is facing problems such as damage to foundations, clogging of water, flow of sewage water, etc. We lift the base of your property according to the existing street level.

Details of Lifting Services

As you have lots of memories associated with your home, so you take its care by painting, renovating, etc. But there are certain circumstances that affect the bungalow internally like the foundation is getting damaged or the level of building not matching with the road level, or there is water blocking. In such scenarios, we are here to help you with our lifting services that will help you get rid of these problems, that too in an economical and feasible way.

  • Houses, hotels, and other buildings can be uplifted from road level
  • In case of defective foundation, the building's alignment can be corrected
  • Ability to lift multi-storey houses and large buildings as well

Benefits of Lifting Services :

With our services, the owners are able to alter their home's elevation, roll it aside or relocate it. This helps in ensuring improved drainage system of that property along with permitting the required excavation.

Why is House Lifting The Ideal Choice :

  • Saves cost as well as time: In general, people think of relocating due to the problems in their existing residence such as its level being less than rod / street. This relocation is not feasible and easy for anyone. Hence, lifting of your building is the ideal choice.
  • Water blocking/clogging are forgotten issues: Such problems arise mainly in rainy season. With our service, you can do away with this issue permanently.
  • It is the perfect solution for raising your building, that too without any demolition or damage.
  • Service is cost effective and is completed within the promised time